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Real world expertise to improve the practice of education professionals

Don Perras: Educational Consultant

You can hire Dr. Perras to help your school's professional development efforts. Read about his
PD Webinars /Workshops and On-site / Virtual Support.

About Don

Educational Consultant, Don Perras, Ph.D. offers a combination of strategies–his Ecological Model–to allow teachers, by maximizing their own personal resources, to help students realize their true academic potential and social - emotional talents. He’s assisted educators in a wide variety of schools and organizations; he can quickly analyze your district's/school’s instructional requests and classroom management needs to  develop an effective training plan tailored to address them.

The Ecological Model is designed to put theory into practice so that educators can realize tangible improvements in real-world classroom situations. Virtual webinars available in 2024.

 Started a new assignment at Pulaski M.S., New Britain, CT to train staff on the integration of MTSS and classroom management programming. A series of on - site observations, group workshops, and personalized zoom coaching sessions are planned from April - June, with a continuation during 2023 - 024. Principal A. Ortiz has a prior consultation experience where I assisted his staff at Central H.S., Bridgeport from 2008 - 12. 

This assignment will incorporate newly - designed webinars and innovative materials to maximize instructional expertise aligned with proactive behavioral strategies. 


I was fortunate to have Dr. Perras as my advisor during the ARC program practicum during spring of 2020. 
Dr. Perras heightened my awareness of the importance of a personal presence to motivate students. I especially appreciated his guidance and recommendations. 

Regina Miniutti, high school business 

Don Perras has dedicated his career to special education and classroom management. Learn more about him, his real-world experience, and how he can help you become a better educator with his workshops and training materials.

Dr. Perras has produced concise and practical training materials designed to help educators put his Ecological Model of classroom management into practice. He's created workbooks specifically designed for elementary, secondary, and specialized educators which are available for purchase

Dr. Perras leads workshops for education professionals to teach them to use his Ecological Model of classroom management. He also offers personalized on-site support. Don's teaching style is field-tested and is designed for educators to build their skills quickly and effectively.

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