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What clients say about us?

Dr. James Keane

“Because fewer and fewer new teachers today are trained in the basics of classroom management, we asked Dr. Don Perras to work closely with our new teachers and focus on the mechanics of classroom set-up, procedures, and routines. Dr. Perras also provided regular observations of their classes and offered thoughtful, direct  feedback. His coaching and mentoring were invaluable. He helped our new teachers quickly acclimate to the rigor of our high-performing, college prep school while instilling in them the confidence--and the foundation necessary--to grow into Master teachers.”  



James P Keane, MDiv, MEd, PhD


St Joseph High School

2320 Huntington Turnpike | Trumbull, CT 06611 

203.378.9378 x301 |

“Privilege & Responsibility”

Dr. Eleanor Osborne

​After Don helped us improve the climate in one of our most difficult classrooms, our 9th grade faculty asked for more training in behavior-improving interventions. Using his insights, there has been a marked improvement, noticeable to both staff and visitors.

Eugene A. Roddy  Ed.D., Director of Education, The Children’s Center of Hamden, Hamden, CT

​As a consumer of Dr. Perras’s consultation services, he was viewed by staff as possessing an understanding of their classroom challenges and transferred responsive techniques that were easily understood and actionable. His influence is both long term and directly reflected in renewed staff practice.

Eric Davidow, Techology, 2020

Dr. Perras was a critical resource during my 'technology' practicum at  Stratford High School during the spring  of 2020. His practical recommendations on instructional practices and behavior management were invaluable. He continues  to mentor me in a new middle school position.

Guadalupe Frias, 2015 ARC graduate, Spanish certification

Dr. Perras was critical to my student teaching placement in an affluent middle school during late winter of 2015. I was able to manage disruptive behavior using his proactive classroom management practices. His knowledge and positive attitude made a huge difference in my professional development.

Eliot Canak, Math Teacher, Information & Software Engineering High School, Bridgeport, Connecticut, 2015.

“Implementing Don’s Ecological Model helped my class operate smoother: identifying and reinforcing prosocial behavior, establishing class rules, and creating rewards systems were indispensable to students’ learning. I highly recommend Don’s services for those seeking a successful teaching career.

Andrea Lazaroski, District Coordinator of Mathematics K – 12, New Britain, CT

As a building principal, math coordinator, and district facilitator for the TEAM Programs, the teachers I have worked with over the past 7 years have been supported by Dr. Perras in developing proactive classroom management techniques. His presentations are well – received by staff who begin implementing strategies the next day.

Karen Habegger, Principal, Thomas Edison Middle School, Meriden, CT, 2017

For two years, Dr. Perras’s Ecological Model has benifitted faculty because of his direct and humorous presentations. He observes, listens, and provides easily implementable classroom management strategies to our new staff to address their personal needs.

 Lea Catherman, Biology Teacher, Central High School, Bridgeport, CT

“I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Perras’ instruction in the Ecological Model during my first year of teaching (2006) in one of the largest urban high schools in CT. The elements of classroom design and positive rewards set high expectations for my students to achieve. I was able to keep my students engaged and excited about learning while managing even the most difficult learners with his strategies.”

Michael Berg, ARC graduate, 2011

Dr. Perras was a great resource during my new position as an art teacher in a secondary program for ‘at – risk’ youth in New Haven. My classroom success is the result of implementing his Ecological Model practices. It has been invaluable to have Dr. Perras’s on – site advise as a mentor and colleague. Others should seek his personal and professional dialogue.

Maria Davoodi, Director, Connecticut Alternative Route to Certification Program, Hartford, CT

Dr. Perras has worked with Alternative Route to Certification for 24 years, and has been instrumental in preparing thousands of new secondary teachers in classroom management. He provides coaching, student teaching supervision, and professional development seminars. His relationships with our urban districts has add tremendous value to the program.

Shu Jin, Chinese teacher, Clinton, Connecticut, 2016.

“Dr. Perras has designed a very effective classroom management plan with practical ideas for high school teachers. Using his suggestions has improved my students’ readiness to learn. I highly recommend following his program.”

Hugh McNally

Don is a leader in the theory and implementation of classroom management techniques. His training is compelling and generates results. I recommend him without reservation.

Paul Cavaliere, Jr.

I have worked with Dr. Perras since 1996 in two middle schools where he has trained new teachers. His informal observation and feedback has helped them successfully arrange their classrooms, manage 21st-century students, and improve their delivery of lessons using appropriate middle level strategies. It has been a pleasure to work with Don during these 15 years.

Cathleen M. Greene, Ed.D.

Dr. Don Perras’s Ecological Model provides teachers with a ‘magical’ toolbox to create effective learning environments. His practices are the greatest gift an educator could possess, and the single most important factor in students’ development.

Jennifer Shaw, Ed.D., 2013 ARC graduate, Math certification

Don gives teachers concrete, effective strategies that allow them to focus on teaching by establishing systems for classroom management. My students were more engaged and excited when I used his methods.

Joseph Carmen

Dr. Perras and his Ecological Model are exactly what principals and teachers are looking for in professional development. Using his techniques as a teacher and school leader, I’ve found they have an immediate impact on student engagement & achievement. Teachers leave his seminars and begin to implement immediately.

Niall Reynolds, Band Director, parochial high school, Connecticut, 2017

Having Dr. Perras provide both training and coaching during my first year as band director was instrumental in learning how to become a professional educator. His Ecological Model strategies, combined with insightful comments about my engagement with students, was extremely helpful, especially with minor misbehavior. All new teachers should receive this assistance.

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