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The Ecological Model


Don Perras designed the Ecological Model to offer educators a preventative system of practical techniques to address today’s challenging classrooms. While classroom management issues are a prime stressor for educators, training and professional development typically offer minimal preparation in this critical area.

This conflict is severely impacting teacher mental health, a significant factor in the national shortage of certified professionals. 

     The Ecological Model enhances student learning while developing prosocial conduct.  The model reflects four decades of classroom observations in  291 schools and 37 private agencies.    


It addresses...

Increased student diversity

Lack of mastery of basic skills

Negative attitudes

Declined commitment to long-term personal goals

Diminished self-motivation

Focus on social popularity / peer pressure

Social-behavioral immaturity

The environment of public / private education is changing rapidly. Don’s training helps today’s educators  manage their classrooms.

Besides differences in overall student behavior and commitment to learning, Don is sensitive to administrative pressures and teaching factors influencing our public  and parochial schools’ mission:

large percentage of retiring veteran teachers [national shortage crisis]

many new and inexperienced teachers

too many expectations of teachers without adequate resources, time, and supervision

increase of academic demands impacted by behavioral issues


Don trains administrators and teachers to implement his Ecological Model by empowering educators to understand behavior, practice creative instructional techniques, and establish positive group strategies designed to stabilize teacher/student/school interactions. These management procedures are field-tested and continuously perfected in many schools.

Don offers Ecological Model inservice workshops in a variety of formats. Instructional videotapes are shown during the sessions of consultees demonstrating environmental design, instructional methods, and group management techniques.  View sample instructional  videos of Don’s system on ‘YouTube.’

Personalized support for educators is recommended to strengthen teachers’ application of Ecological Model strategies.  'New' staff are mandated to receive this assistance to maximize their professional talents and personal welfare.

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