About Don:

Don Perras, Ph.D.

Dr. Perras has dedicated his career to helping educators

Don Perras, Ph.D. offers a combination of strategies–his Ecological Model–to allow teachers, by maximizing their own personal resources, to help students realize their true academic potential. He’s helped educators at a wide variety of schools and organizations; he can quickly analyze your school’s classroom management needs and develop an effective training plan tailored to address them.

The Ecological Model is designed to put theory into practice so that educators can realize tangible improvements in real-world classroom situations.


For 2017 – 018,   Don incorporates a new  training program integrating ‘common core’ instructional practices with proactive behavioral techniques in compliance with Connecticut initiatives to address the state’s glaring achievement gap. Scan samples on the  consulting services page.

This training provides a power point module of former consultees’ classrooms to illustrate a variety of teaching strategies to empower educators’ skills with diverse learners. Secondary schools are targeted in lieu of curricula modifications in alignment with inclusion programming. 

Another new  training program for 2017 – 018 reflects Connecticut’s SEED teacher evaluation template.  An entire power point module on ‘category #1: ‘Classroom Environment,’   was designed  in compliance with mandated staff assessment requirements.  Each section consists of specific visual representations that complement  ‘1a: learning environment,’  ‘1b:  behavioral standards,’  and ‘1c: transitions.’  Recommendations maximize teachers’ potential to achieve ‘proficient’ and ‘exemplary’ scores.  Remedial plans for teachers scoring ‘below standard’ and/or ‘developing’ are included in the training.  Scan samples on the inservice workshops  page.

An innovative ‘teacher mental health’ training is available for 2017 – 018 that addresses stressors associated with managing challenging behavior. Having coached 74 teachers from grades K – 12 during 2016 – 017, it’s apparent that the psychological / emotional factors related to classroom management are a serious problem needing remediation.  Beginning educators in grades 6 – 12 are especially vulnerable to behavioral conflicts that directly impact their personal welfare and professional competence. This contributes to potential burnout and frequent resignations, which is a major dilemma for many school districts. Power point modules and videotapes highlight preventative strategies.  Very popular session in multiple communities.

Today’s educators need to adopt an entirely different philosophy and repertoire of techniques to succeed in a complex professional environment. Don offers consulting services (inservice workshops and personalized on-site support), as well as training materials that are field-tested and proven to work.

Don is also available for media appearances as an expert on classroom management and special education.  Take a look at some of the appearances Don has made on television and radio.


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