‘Classroom Management: Teachers’ Affective Style’

Just published my article on teacher affect/classroom managemnt in the Fall edition of the Southeast Education Network [SEEN] journal, vol. 16.2, pages 22 – 23. This is the fourth (4) article in SEEN since the fall of 2013.

My article analyzes the critical link between teachers’ personality traits and their management of student behavior. This topic is rarely discussed during university preparation or once employed, which is a major oversight considering its significance to developing a proactive system of management. Personal self – reflection is essential to both creation of preventative behavioral practices and career longevity. Beginning teachers, in particular, must examine this interaction to minimize the stress of coping with challenging misbehavior, a primary factor in potential ‘burnout’ and resignation.

I emphasize this information during my workshops and especially while ‘coaching’ staff.

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