My Classroom Management Book: Now Available for Purchase

Satya Mohan and I have just completed a new book, Classroom Management: An Ecological Model for Secondary Educators. This is a complete 179-page treatment designed to provide secondary educators with a practical guide to classroom management practices. It is available for immediate purchase via, where you can also preview its preface and table of contents.

Dr. Perras's new book, Classroom Management: An Ecological Model for Secondary Educators (click image to purchase)

This text is the product of many years of practical classroom experience and is the first book fully documenting the theory and practice of the Ecological Model. It is filled with pictures of everyday classrooms to illustrate the implementation of Ecological Model techniques and procedures, and contains many colorful charts to be used as easy reference by student educators and experienced teachers alike.

From the book’s summary: Today’s educators are confronted by a myriad of complex issues impacting students’ behavioral conduct in school. Without adequate training and assistance, problems managing student behavior will result. The Ecological Model system presented in our book offers an integrated approach to succeed with secondary students in any community or school environment.

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