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In the Media

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Don Perras appeared on News 12 Connecticut in September 2011. Dr. Perras is frequently a source of expert knowledge about education and his speciality of classroom management.  He has appeared in many news broadcasts and publications, including Cablevision’s News 12 Connecticut, WTNH Channel 8The Connecticut PostThe Danbury News-Times, and WICC-AM (Bridgeport).

Discussed 'teacher mental health' issues on WSHU, Fairfield, November 7th, 2019, with a panel of other educators.  My comments reflect the innovative program I designed to nurture teachers' psychological welfare by enhancing their coping ability managing  challenging behavior.   Districts should allocate training to address this serious issue.

Also appeared on WSHU in October to discuss 'virtual learning' challenges for 2020 - 021 school year. Emphasized adjustments required to conduct online lessons that complement students' varied learning requirements. Aligned suggestions with my 'differentiated instruction'  training webinars.

View samples of Don’s  Ecological Model  system via YouTube.

As a veteran trainer of teachers in many school districts and organizations, Don is a confident, articulate presenter of expert views on a wide variety of topics in education. If you’re in the media and are interested in using Don in a story on classroom management, behavioral issues in education, or any related topic, please contact him with your inquiry.

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