August workshops

Just conducted two ‘orientation’ sessions on basic Ecological Model  strategies to new teachers for the Bridgeport Diocese Schools (120 participants) and at Thomas Edison M.S., Meriden (nine participants) on August 23rd and 25th, respectively.  Each teacher received booklets, plus folders of multiple handouts illustrating procedures to both instruct and manage students. All age groups were discussed using power point modules.

Consultation will be provided to various Diocese schools and T.E.M.S. again to empower teachers’ skills.

A ‘teacher mental health’ training was presented to ten ‘fine arts / special education’  beginners in Stratford on the 23rd, as well. This session addressed stressors associated with managing challenging students’ misbehavior, a major responsibility for most early – career educators. A power point module and handouts reviewed.  Anticipate additional connection to these individuals during school year.

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