NRA’s Ludicrous Proposal

I felt compelled to send this response after processing the recent NRA commentary on having school faculty armed with guns to increase the safety of children.

Their proposition that faculty will utilize firearms to thwart school violence is preposterous, since additional guns in school only compound the potential for excessive mayhem and personal harm. Educators lack the fundamental training and skill to employ firearms under duress while managing their emotional reactions to a crisis situation. Operating weapons in a controlled space requires considerable composure and reasoning to prevent injuring innocent others during an intensely stressful event. If a seasoned law enforcement official would struggle to respond effectively in the utter chaos of a shooting incident, it’s extremely improbable that a building administrator or classroom teacher can accurately discharge their weapon in a life-or-death scenario, regardless of their intent or determination. The likelihood of secondary casualties is exponentially greater under these circumstances, particularly with students’ constant movement throughout school corridors moving between classes.

Additionally, the sheer intensity of conducting daily classroom responsibilities interferes with staff readiness to fully implement any counter response to this level of conflict. Absorbed by student demands, academic tasks, and classroom management issues severely limit teachers’ availability to intervene. Combined with the psychological stressors of anticipation and competence to perform, the entire concept of gun-wielding educators must never become acceptable practice.

While the logic of employing trained law enforcement personnel is certainly preferable, preventative identification, counseling, and mental health services for at-risk and emotionally disturbed students is the optimum solution to this vexing problem. Otherwise, continuous episodes of school-related shootings will plague this country for the foreseeable future.

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