Newtown tragedy

In the aftermath of the horrific incident in Newtown this past week,  our nation should allocate additional funding / resources to mental health services, especially for adolescents.

The complex interaction of  students’ developmental disorders, dysfunctional families with absentee / harried parents, and a society that glorifies violence has directly contributed to a generation of adolescents lacking adequate nurturing and guidance.  Anger, depression, and a feeling of social alienation are typical outcomes associated with this life experience, particularly if responsible adult role models are unavailable. These factors frequently produce a sense of  self – gratification and entitlement without the fundamental social consciousness required to maintain a civilized society.

During the school years, the structure, expectations, and peer engagement shape adolescents’ self – expression and motivation to achieve.  Frustration with authority, academic challenges, and social popularity combine to disrupt the normative passages toward adulthood.  Substance abuse, anti – social conduct, and mental health problems erode learning personal accountability.  While a majority resort to self – destructive habits, others act outwardly toward society to seek  attention and revenge. This unfortunate pattern is prevalent in a disproportionate number of adolescents who lack minimal assistance to rehabilitate their plight.

Without a societal commitment to address this debilitating situation, our nation will continue to suffer the consequences of ignoring this mental health crisis.

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